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Testimonial 1 (Infertility, Endometriosis, High FSH):

“I would highly recommend Dr Cheng herbal and acupuncture treatment. I have severe stage 4 endometriosis and was unable to become pregnant for 6 years. I went through the Ivf clinic and did not  meet the NHS criteria as my Fsh was too high. I started Dr Cheng’s herbal treatment and acupuncture for a few  months to help this. I went back to the Ivf clinic and my Fsh had reduced and I met the criteria! I then went to have treatment and managed to get pregnant with a little girl born may 2019! I continued with acupuncture treatment throughout my cycle. I could not believe it from being told I will never have a baby and then to have my precious bundle of joy. I thank God first and then Dr Cheng is on the list of people I thank. I honestly feel like without this treatment I never would have met the criteria for fertility treatment and the acupuncture through out the treatment made me feel more relaxed and definitely helped through out. I cannot recommend her enough! Dr Cheng is a empathetic kind individual who is a massive part of my journey. I consider her a dear friend now!.”

– S. Ali

Testimonial 2 (Crohn's Disease ):

“I was diagnosed with crohn's disease about 2 years ago and was put on tablets to help relieve the cramping pains I had in my stomach.  The tablets stopped the cramping pains but I still had a dull ache in my stomach, having tried acupuncture before I decided to visit Dr Cheng to see if she could help.  After a detailed consultation we decided to try Fu's needling to help my condition. After just the first treatment my stomach felt a lot more relaxed so I booked in for a further 5 treatments which resulted in me gaining weight and less frequent visits to the toilet, anyone with Crohn's disease will understand what I mean .  This was back in March 2018, I believe Dr Cheng has helped in my recovery from crohn's disease along with my treatment I received from Luton and Dunstable Hospital. I am now able to go about my life with minimal problems from my crohn's.  I still visit  Dr  Cheng once every 2 weeks for some top up treatment. I would recommend Dr Chengs Fu's needle treatment to help recovery from crohn's disease.

– Daren Jay

Testimonial 3 (FSN Acupuncture for Severe Back Pain):

“I went to see Mrs Cheng as I had sprained my groin which affected my back . I have suffered with severe back problems for 10 years now . i have got severe spinal stenosis which damaged my sciatic nerve and my left foot and ankle has been numb for years now. I have been managing my pain for years but when I sprained my right groin it affected all my back muscles and my severe back pain got worse and all my lower body muscles became so painful that I was unable to walk for two and half months , I have never been so depressed and upset in my life before and was very worried that I will never be able to walk again. I was in very severe pain, I went to seen this wonderful lady , and in a few number of sessions she got me walking and eventually my pains eased day by day . Although I have had a good number of sessions which were needed I am now getting better and am at least able to do things myself and not relay on other people to help. I have always been very independent and active person and would hate to lose all that. My back problems are very severe but it has never got me down as it did this time and this great lady helped me immensely. I would go to her for any other treatments if ever required because I have got faith in her. She is a lovely person , very understanding and most caring and very gentle. I very highly recommend her.

Tajinder Saggu

Testimonial 4 (Knee Arthritis):

“I have had a course of treatment with Dr. Chang, for a problem knee. I had seen a physiotherapist and an Osteopath, prior to seeing Dr. Chang. My sessions of Acupuncture with Dr. Chang, stopped and reversed, the swelling of the joint, the pain has gone and the mobility is almost back to normal. I am working now on stretching and improving the muscle strength of the whole leg. I feel that Dr. Cheng’s expertise has helped sort out a long-standing problem. I would recommend Dr. Cheng’s treatment for anyone with a similar problem.

– ND

Testimonial 5 (Trapped Nerve):

“I experienced extreme pain in my shoulder with it shooting down my arm to my hand. I couldn't sleep or make myself comfortable. I visited Dr. Cheng a number of times with the symptoms improving with each visit. Together with the exercises that Dr. Cheng recommended, I am now totally pain free. I am very grateful and pleased to recommend Dr. Cheng to others.”

– Keith

Testimonial 6 (Infertility and Stress):

Dr. Cheng is a great doctor of Chinese medicine, who was treating me with acupuncture and herbs for infertility and stress-related issues. I got pregnant after 6 months of treatment and experience benefit of the sessions until now. I still keep seeing her with my current needs and she also seems to help me. She is a professionalist with deep medical knowledge. I would recommend her to anybody.”

– Vici

Testimonial 7 (IBS):

“I have had ibs for 5 years with severe pain..the doctors just gave me medicine just to ease the symptoms, but they did not have a clue on how to get to the root cause/problem if my ibs. I came to see Dr.Cheng and we discussed the problems. Taking acupuncture and having a herbs as a way treatment, made me feel like a new man after a couple of weeks. Dr Cheng really understands and listens tour your problems, and it is a very relaxing atmosphere to be in. I would recommend Dr Cheng to anyone, just come and speak to her..”

– A. M.

Testimonial 8 (IBS):

“I went to see Dr Cheng After Sufferings nearly 11 weeks of diarrhoea. After numerous tests and CT scans, blood test etc after begging the doctors to send me to hosp everything appeared normal.but as I was still going I went to see Dr Cheng. Dr Cheng was kind , caring , asked questions took time to go back through the last 11 weeks and most importantly saw me face to face. Something that is impossible these days. Even a telephone appointment with your doctor is impossible. She appeared to really care about my condition and my health and why this would have started. I started off with the needles then Dr Cheng made me up some herbs which have appeared to made an amazing difference. I can’t thank her enough for taking the time with me . These past 5 days have been better than any in the past 11 weeks . I recommend anyone suffering from from some kind of IBS visit her. Thank you Cheng. Highly highly recommended, amazing what they can do.

– Esther Brennan

Testimonial 9  (MS and Menopause):

“I have been a patient of Dr Cheng for 3 years. She has successfully helped my MS symptoms e.g. muscle pain, low energy, tiredness, burning sensation in my legs with acupuncture and herbs. The treatment worked alongside my conventional medication I am taking. After a few weeks I noticed an improvement.

Also, Dr Cheng has treated my menopause symptoms e.g. hot flushes, mood swings, low energy level, night sweats. I have been taking herbal pills for about 4 months now, the night sweats have stopped, the hot flushes very seldom in fact I do not feel like I am going through the menopause at all.

Dr. Cheng is easy to talk to, and very helpful. I highly recommend her.”


Testimonial 10 (Dry Cough):

“I had been suffering of cough for 2 months and the GP could not help. My whole chest was in pain from all the coughing and it was getting worse. I visited Mrs. Cheng and after 6 sessions of acupuncture, my cough has stopped. I felt better and better after each session. I also got lots of useful advice on what else to do to stop the cough. The atmosphere was very nice and relaxing; it did not hurt at all, there’s nothing to worry about. I definitely recommend this service.”

– Daniela

Testimonial 11 (Aches and Pains):

“Excellent treatment in comfortable clean surroundings. Mrs. Cheng is considerate and easy to talk to and costs are reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody in need of help.”

– Mrs. D  Leagrave

Testimonial 12  (Aches and Pains):

“I always wanted to try acupuncture, but I never realized it is so widely used. I would like to thank Mrs. Cheng for being very nice, helpful and professional. My first thought about acupuncture was: will it hurt? And I found out that it is actually a very relaxing and calm feeling.”

– A Lengova

Testimonial 13  (Double Vision):

“Having developed double vision, & getting no answers to why I had it, or any real hope of a cure from doctors & hospitals, I phoned Dr Cheng to see if she could help me, she said that it would take a few visits but yes she believed she could cure the problem, the rest is history, with her treatment I gradually improved, & nine visits later my eye sight had returned to normal, so naturally I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Vic

Testimonial 14  (Dizziness):

“I suffered from very bad dizziness on and off for four years. I had MRI scans and spine scans but nothing had been found or cured. I decided to give acupuncture a try and I was very skeptic about the whole thing.
Dr Cheng is a remarkable Lady who has cured my dizziness and I am able to live life as normal again through acupuncture and herbal medicine I have been cured. I highly recommend this Lady and I will always use her again should any illness come in the future.”

– Jeff, Stopsley, Luton

Testimonial 15  (Dizziness):

“After weeks of misery I was eventually diagnosed with Rasmsay hunt syndrome & Bells palsey. The Specialist told me I might get better in a year, or 10 years or maybe never! My own Doctor said acupuncture would not help and gave me loads of pain killers instead then sent me away to wait for time to pass!   I had constant pain and dizziness and felt like life was hopeless.  I came to see Doctor Cheng and finally found someone who was interested. Each session she would listened to me and then treat me in response to what I had said. I cannot praise her enough. She has given me back a life.  Whatever it is you are suffering with I recommend Dr Cheng whole heartedly. I was abandoned by the Doctors but she made me well again.”

– Grant, Luton

Testimonial 16 (Feet Pain):

“Dear Mrs Cheng, I would like to say a big Thank you! for your treatment you gave me. It has been a pleasure to meet you.  I have been suffering from pain on my soles of feet for about 5 months. I agreed to you use the large needles and I can recommend it to anyone who is scared. I have felt the pain relieved already after few minutes. It was unbelievable! I also, agreed to keep the tube in my legs for few more hours and I removed them 3 hours after at home. Fantastic feeling!  I will come back if I had any problem! Thank you!”

– Z. S.

Testimonial 17 (Kidney Stones & Heel Pain):

“Good afternoon Dr Cheng, just a feedback on my recent consultation with you for muscle spasm in my back, and problems with kidney stones. I would like to thank you for helping me to be able to get on with my life with more ease, rather than taking painkillers from my GP which has such a lot side effects. I would much rather find the money and spend on acupuncture which has no side effects. Also I am able to walk pain free after a course of treatment for my heel. Thank you so much for your help.”

– DR

Testimonial 18 (FSN Acupuncture for Aches and Pains):

“This lady is absolutely brilliant new technology needle is a marvel. She is such a lovely lady who saved my golf career in two sessions. Instant results for me could not have hoped for more. Very highly recommended.

– Andrew

Testimonial 19 (Hiatus Hernia and Arthritic Neck):

“A highly skilled, kind and gentle lady. Acupuncture doesn’t hardly ever hurt, no matter what size needle is used. Mrs Cheng has helped me with my hiatus hernia, and an arthritic neck condition. The hernia was fixed after one treatment, and the neck problem with dizziness took two treatments. Both of these problems had been troublesome for a long time. I would highly recommend her.”

– Brenda

Testimonial 20 (PCOS and Stress):

“Hi. Started acupuncture since last year with Dr Cheng and I would highly recommend her, she is helping me with pcos and stress. She is keen to listen and advice what acupuncture service is better for you.”

– Elena

Testimonial 21 (Aches and Pains):

“This lady is excellent so professional and reassuring traditional acupuncture also more modern needle with virtually instantaneous results, would highly recommend her service as she is a miracle worker, excellent.

– Andrew

Testimonial 22:

“I was client of Mrs. Cheng for a year and I was very satisfied with her approach. She helped me with the herbs and acupuncture with my health condition. It really worked well all together. I would recommend her treatment for people who are seeking help and they trust the natural way of healing.”

– M. P.

Testimonial 23:

“Dr Cheng is an expert in the field of acupuncture her modest, reassuring manner coupled with extensive medical knowledge. I would highly recommend her services.”

– J. MacKay

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